My romance with Portland real estate began in 1989 when my boyfriend and I bought a house together on N. Greeley Blvd for $20,000. We put $3,000 down and the owner carried a contractor for the balance. Our payment was $175 a month. I was making $6 an hour. My boyfriend was making $5. The house had no heat and there were rats in the basement. I remember the man from Vector control telling us we got a good deal on the house and to be honest, I agreed. I loved that house, rats and all.

Fast forward to the present- I have the same boyfriend, but now I refer to him as my husband. I have two daughters, two cats, a dog, and a horse. I don’t own the house on Greeley anymore, but I drive by it whenever I can. I have other properties, mostly older plexes. None have rats. All of them have heat however and are occupied by wonderful tenants. My units are never boring, cared for, and I love them all.

If you ask me what I do, I would say, “If it sniffs of real estate, I do it.” I manage rentals, I sell properties for clients, I buy properties for clients, and sometimes, when I am very, very lucky, I buy a little something for myself.

I’ve worked as a property manager since 1996 and as a real estate agent since 2006. I like to match people up with space. My best advice to all my clients, whether they are renting, buying, or selling is go with your gut. If it feels right, it probably is. If it doesn’t, another opportunity will come along.

I love living in Portland. I love Portland houses. I love Portland people. I love Portland weather. And I love Portland coffee. If it sounds like I’m selling life in Portland…I am. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

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